Anderson069 OP t1_jbitola wrote

This fully electric car called Zem has created by 3D-printed from recycled plastics. Zem also has an interior made of pineapple and a dashboard made of cooking oil. “Zem” stands for “Zero Emission Mobility,” this car does not emit carbon. It also has a great exterior design. This Zem car has a pair of carbon filters in the front grille that contributes to cleaning the atmosphere by removing about 4.5lb of Carbon-dioxide per 20,000 miles.

That means ten Zem cars remove the same amount of carbon as a mature tree absorbs annually. Solar panels are also installed on the Zem’s roof, and those provide about 15% of the car’s energy needs. It has a traditional charging point at the rear that completes the rest of the car’s energy needs.

It was created by a team of 35 undergraduates at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Carbon neutrality is built into every aspect of the car. The Monocoque and body panels are created by additive manufacturing. “These parts of Zem are 3D-printed to get the desired shape and almost no waste produced,” TU/ecomotive has stated.