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You used to be able to buy replacement diffusers but the only place I saw online stopped a few years ago.

It is possible to order custom acrylic diffusers but maybe costly.

May be prudent to change the light fittings. You could also paint the covers with a thin coat or some type of paint? Car paint maybe. Do it in a light colour so at least it looks like it’s meant to be like that instead of clearly just aged

I know you said you can’t post a photo but not sure why as it would make a massive difference here


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I would use one of those little flexi cameras that link to your phone. I wouldn’t trust a stud finder to work well through stone.

It’s worth noting that a tv that high up is rarely a good idea especially if it’s the primary tv. It’s a pain to watch and with stone behind it will be a pain to hide the cables. There’s a whole sub dedicated to it at r/tvtoohigh