AndronicusI t1_j6zmi29 wrote

Second this option, but check with him to see if he has access to any of his personal documents - birth certificate, state ID/DL, social security card, income statements (if any) and if he's currently on probation. Depending on the center/contractor, they usually need copies of those to move forward further along with the admissions process. Having any pending legal entanglements (i.e. probation, upcoming court hearings, etc.) will deny him entry outright or delay it until resolved.

If he has a "documented disability," then the income requirement is waived and he's essentially conditionally accepted barring something negative popping up on background check.

If he's interested and has those docs, then he should mention that he wants to become a "residential student," which will prioritize entry, as most centers are desperate to fill spots on campus.

Happy to further assist if he's interested .