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Yep. The only times people really get killed or anything in the touristy areas they’re typically already having wronged the cartels. Otherwise the cartel stays in line because they know to keep the area safe or the money leaves. I’m sure they own stake in most of the resorts or night clubs. Not to mention the Mexican Marines are in charge of the resort areas, and they typically are the only law enforcement that isn’t totally corrupt and they do a good job of keeping stuff very safe and in line.


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Weight adds wear and tear to your joints because there is more pressure, your heart and lungs also have to work harder, there can be a buildup of fats which clog your arteries leading you to cardiovascular failure such as heart attack or stroke, possibly amputations etc. Obese people also are much less likely to fare well with many, many other health conditions and diseases in general


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It’s impossible to beat the wage tipped workers wake off of tips tbh otherwise a shitty serving/bartending/delivery job would start at $25/hr and most would honestly probably be at $40-50hr, margins in the foodservice business are relatively low compared to many other industries so the customer gets the short end of the stick


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It’s easier to make at home than the OG cheesesteak. You can use hamburger Patties and chop them up or just use plain ground beef, melt American cheese into it with a diced onion, too with lettuce tomato ketchup Mayo on a sub roll.