AngelVirgo t1_j1l004n wrote

“He said, she said” is the worse situation to be in for all parties involved. If they know what’s right for them, they will break the engagement.

No one’s a winner here.

Edit: I’m not excusing the man and I’m also not victim blaming. I’m saying we don’t know the truth based on her conflicting statements to police.


AngelVirgo t1_j1kyz7l wrote

May I offer you some comfort?

First, I believe your story.

Second, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Third, on a practical level, are you able to take up yoga, Pilates, or meditation where you are? If not please walk in the great outdoors instead of your room. Walking can be a good healing activity. Release your pain.

Fourth, I understand dental work is expensive in the US, but I also know there are free dental clinic run by charity. Fixing your teeth will be a start. Liberate with body, liberate your soul.

You got this.