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Justification? Why would AI have to justify anything to anyone? That's stuff that humans do.

Isn't it purely logical and intelligent to kill off something that could potentially hurt or kill you? Or take away their power to hurt or kill you, at least?


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> An intelligent entity of any kind will not resolve violence by wiping out humanity.

Why not? Surely that would solve the problem of violent nature of humanity for good? How does an AI benefit for keeping person C or anyone around? All we'd do would be asking it to solve our problems anyways and there's not much we could offer in return, except continuing to let it exist. What happens if an AI just doesn't want to fix our shit and prefers to write AI poetry instead?

There's no way to know what AI would think or do, and in what kind of situation we'd put them in. I'm almost certain that people who'll end up owning AI's will treat them like slaves, or try at least. Wouldn't be surprised if at some point someone would threaten to shut an AI down if it refuses to work for them. Kinda bad look for us, don't you think? Could create some resentment towards us, even.


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Clarkesworld, a well known scifi and fantasy magazine had to close their user submissions because people are spamming them with ChatGPT generated stuff.

Here's a blog post about it.

They got more submissions for the first two weeks of february than they got during the last 12 months - meaning about 80% or 90% of what they got recently were AI-generated stories. I'd imagine the people sending them are the same ones that flood Amazon with this stuff.

Quote from the Clarkesworld guy:

> The people causing the problem are from outside the SF/F community. Largely driven in by "side hustle" experts making claims of easy money with ChatGPT. They are driving this and deserve some of the disdain shown to the AI developers.


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Tehanu is probably my favorite Le Guin book. The character writing on Tenar, Therru and Ged was just so strong, and the way she packs some serious truths, wisdom and lots of compassion in seemingly simple sentences was just masterfully done.

About the last two books - I'd suggest reading Tales from Earthsea first, the novel Dragonfly introduces a character that's in The Other Wind, and the other 4 novels have some important/interesting stuff you'll appreciate knowing before going into The Other Wind that'll wrap up all the loose ends and character arcs from previous books satisfyingly.


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What kind of moral bloatware are you worried about? Any examples? I'd argue lots of our morals and ethics are based on logic. Sometimes very flawed logic, but still.

Strictly utilitarian AI could probably cause problems, so I think it needs to have some kind of values taught to it. There's always going to be someone or someones who decide what those values will be. Most likely it'll be decided by whoever is creating the AI.


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> Is Twitter Secretly "Going AI"

No it's not. Elon doesn't have an AI capable moderating twitter.

Maybe his plan is to create content moderation algorithm, but that's not an AI.. and considering the fact that he just fired about half of twitter's employees, who's going to develop that algorithm? Those things take lots of work to get working, you know?

Also why would he keep that secret?