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As a pedestrian I wait 3 seconds before attempting to enter any crosswalk. I never step into the road until the car in that lane has come to a stop.

When I reach the middle I begin to crab walk sideways so I can see approaching traffic behind me that may be turning.

I’m STILL alive.

But, quite often, by not asserting my right to enter the crosswalk drivers will barely slow and make a right on red without stopping or yielding.

Many drivers assert they don’t have to yield if you are not yet in the road and they also assert that, as the bigger vehicle, if you see them YOU should stay out of the way. Therefore, possibly, some pedestrians have developed a habit of not looking to keep the driver honest.


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I think they just might be "the Metro" survey pins. It seems the placing agency labels their pins (e.g., USGS) which helps identify the owner.

Metro obviously has critical infrastructure around and in between stations.


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Losing the refrigeration has happened at least twice before. I don’t think it’s maintained well.

At least this time they threw out the food (we hope). Could be they are merely hiding in the back somewhere. Other times they left the food in place to spoil/sell.

Also, I once pulled a carton of milk off that was several months past its expiration date.

I still shop here but I ONLY buy dry goods - canned or boxed. And I try to closely inspect every item. So much stuff on the shelves has been crushed in transit or opened by someone along the way.


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Just this morning walked by a courthouse across from MPD HQ and 2 young dudes are sitting on the steps smoking big fat blunts. I could smell it from a block away.

Yesterday, nearly got pegged trying to go around a driver sitting in the bike lane. Noticed cop on the other side - but he was sitting in the opposite bike lane. Both of them on their phones.


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Which lane will the group that recycles around the point at a rapid pace use? Given their number and speed I don’t think they can safely use the dedicated pedestrian/bike lane?

EDIT: oh, I see from the Twitter link how they’re doing it.