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It's a lot simpler than that. The systems are not ready. If they had a turnkey system that could do it we'd have it.

It will eventually happen. Almost every grocery store has self checkout lanes now. But it took quite awhile. CVS finally got them in the last year.

Ditto for "driverless cars". Elon Musk keeps saying it's this year... eventually he will be right if he says it every year.


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I think because we're conscious we want to replicate it. However, self-referential intention is probably not going to happen (and if it does it is probably a long, long way down the road) and for most things we don't want it to happen.

I don't want the AI taking my order at Taco Bell to be self-aware and have a life goal. I just want it to get my order right 99.9999% of the time. And for most jobs that AI will displace that will also be the case.

However, AI will likely be able to fool a lot of people into believing they're conscious based on extremely large datasets of answers and so for some it won't matter one way or the other. It will seem conscious -- even though it will not have an inner life or intentional goals.

I think a lot of introverted loners will enjoy and benefit from conversations with AI agents even if they know deep down it's not a conscious entity. And it won't have the side effects of anti-depressants.


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We already have distributed intelligence across millions and millions of years to give us an idea. If it's capable of self-referential intention (consciousness) then it would probably have a similar set of questions and faster processing times -- but we're processing across billions of slow humans and the progress has been slow as it relates to the deeper questions. It won't have the working memory limitations of humans which will allow it to come up with some novel ideas.

But I don't think it's the holy grail everyone is seeking. It's another evolutionary step toward something -- possibly just super intelligence and not a conscience being (this seems very likely). In which case it will be an extension of humans just like a fighter jet or a spaceship -- but constrained by our biases, wants, and needs.

The AI programs are amazing at what they do, but not being self-aware or having an ability for self-referential intention just makes them a clever tool of humanity. Yes they will change society and displace a lot of people, but a calculator changes the world too. We may view them as calculators that do all of the drudgery but lack any goals (other than the goals we give them).

I will be happy when the fast food cashiers stop screwing up orders due to AI.


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Assuming they're conscious this would be a problem -- but most of the things we would consider "slavery" could be done with non-conscious agents. This is also true of most jobs -- they wouldn't need to be conscious and self-aware to replace most of the mundane drudgery.

It's an open question whether consciousness can be simulated (I think it's probably far, far into the future or impossible). However, a synthetic superintelligence is in the process of being created and that is something we need to start preparing for in the near term. I think that will be disruptive enough to keep everyone busy for decades.