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The Pentagon has their own food court and it's referring to that, the zip code is just causing weird stuff with Google Maps. The area listed in the map is currently the McMillan pit that's being built out.

I do wonder what's going to happen to these erroneous bussiness listings once McMillan is built out in like 6 years.


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Does anyone know which federal agency sent out this out? It was posted on popville.

“Please be advised that the US Marshals Service is recommending that federal employees evacuate from federal facilities today no later than 3 PM Eastern time (or your equivalent local time).”


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Postal Service are the bigger deal band here, I saw them do the 10th anniversary show at you guessed it, Merriweather 10 years ago. Though, I guess I have seen Death Cab there too but that was mostly so I could see Explosions in the Sky who were an interesting tour opener for them.

Anyway, I'm glad to see these two bands get over their differences and play together since it's widely known that their lead singers hate each other.


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Damn, they sold out the lawn at Merriweather? Does someone know the max amount of people that Merriweather holds? Edit: it's 18,000!

I got tickets for Merriweather and the first Anthem show. They're over a week apart so it might be fun to go to both or I can always sell my seated ticket for Merriweather later...