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I would personally make fun meals in so that there is 100% control over ingredients. Eating out with those restrictions might go ok but if not, could ruin trip and cause a long lasting flare. As someone whose kid had food restrictions, eating out is stressful. I'd make fun experience memories that are not food centered.


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Got it. Hopefully not. My sense was that was mostly about finances but some @ crime so I wondered if that was a goal again. Hope the committee with oversight over DOJ joins or has own hearings. The fact that DC AG has a much higher prosecution rate using same lab and MPD should be looked into. It's not Graves, this has been a trend since late in Obama administration, across Trump and now Biden. So many cases declined and also undercharged and pled.

The provision where MPD cannot look at BWC footage before writing reports (not police involved shootings, everything else) seems unusual and like it is a cause of many cases not going forward per USAO. The rate of no papered cases seemed to tick up around the time BWC were implemented, maybe that legislation should be revisited?

The goal of public safety and incentives of USAO careers need to be better aligned, particularly as there is no electoral accountability. The reduction in funds for USAs could be gas on the dumpster fire in DC since we have no ability to fund elected prosecutors, court capacity, etc. Ugh.


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A different committee oversees DOJ/USAO, this was the committee with oversight over DC. A joint hearing would have made sense.

Agree it seemed to be a waste of time. It seems they are going to hold more. Anyone here live in DC at the lead up to the control board? Feels kind of where this may head.


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Agree, mate.

I'm sure there are many non-controversial aspects of the bill that can be split off and passed.

After what happened re: Bowser being blocked from the floor back in January, it was insanity to send this up in the current form. Looking backwards and calling party leadership "naive" as one of the nicer terms, ain't it either. So odd for politicians to not see reading the room as an aspect of their jobs.

Same with running the city with a balanced budget. With schools facing cuts and everyone wanting to invest in root causes and kids, why focus on free bus fare when tradeoffs need to be made? They all act more like people at a think tank or uni than legislators.

And the sense of self importance is vast, when they are just one city council of tens of thousands of them in US.

Can't go back and undo it so best to move forward in a smart and strategic way.


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If you're right should have gotten it to the Hill before the election.

Also if you are right, do you anticipate a 4 year break from any legislation?

The existing laws are not the reason there are so many no papered, under charged and plead down cases. That would be the USAO and AG. And if there are reasons they cannot bring solid cases, those need to be addressed. Always most useful to focus on the things you CAN control.

After what Congress did re; Bowser, was foolish to think anything different would happen to bill in current form. So, after the Congresswoman was mugged, chose that particular time, while bill was pending, for Cuba resolution. They can learn quick or slow, slow seems to be what they have picked for now.


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I have seen some nasty accidents involving Vespas on RCPW, I'd take the red line to metro center and switch to blue or orange line to Arlington. People drive really fast, there is often gravel, I would not chance it, OP.