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The RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise. It started as a sort of send up to the reality shows of the early 2000s (Top Model especially) and has morphed into a cultural juggernaut. The talent is astounding.

Season 1 can be rough - it was VERY low budget and looks like it was filmed in Ru’s garage. Season 3 was when it bloomed, season 5 is considered top tier and season 7 is a personal fave since it’s the first I watched as it aired and it stars my two favorite queens. A new season (16) starts in just a few weeks on Jan 6th on MTV. You don’t need to see them all to “get it”, but you will likely miss some in-jokes or callbacks.


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I know, I just like the song. There’s a reason Disney World has not expanded their monorail lines since 1982. They rarely update the trains. 1971, brand new trains. They replaced those in 1989 and haven’t since. In fact, they’ve had to decommission two trains due to a fatal accident and they rebuilt them from scraps rather than buying new trains. At least they all have auto close doors now - I remember the original trains and cast members would have to go down the line slamming doors on each side.


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Disney’s People Mover or Monorail would be better than his stupid tunnel. At least the People Mover was developed by Walt and Imagineers specifically for moving people in an urban area. It’s also probably better for the environment since it runs on linear induction motors and not an internal combustion engine.

And I don’t need to tell anyone the benefits of monorails. There’s an entire song.


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And most of them don’t work and lead to severe overcrowding never before seen at the parks unless it was a holiday. If no one is on line, where do they go to wait? The parks are a mess and will be until they get new management that actually focuses on guest experience.