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Local to me. Those all look at least semi-reasonable. Some of those are not exactly near Metro (although some of them are walking distance either W. Hyattsville or PGP) so you're looking at Bus-to-Metro if you're commuting downtown in some cases. Those buildings aren't the best, but I suppose you know you're not getting luxury amenities at that price point unless you're willing to go a long way outside the city. You could do much worse. PG County has a bad rap, but this part of is alright for the most part.


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This feels like the worst of both worlds. The vibe is trending as barren and unsafe as it was in the late '90s, but it's expensive just like it was in the late 2010s. Also, I'm not just out of college anymore, so my tolerance for sketch has dropped with time.


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Yeah. He filled the seat and is still holding it to this day. (Although the district looks different now. Hoyer and Spellman’s home base from back then are now in a different district.)


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The first time I heard "Under the Bridge" on MTV I was like "This is going to make RHCP massive stars."

Supposedly they played a show with some record label folks in attendance, within a few weeks of _Blood Sugar Sex Magik_ coming out. Anthony Kiedis missed his cue and the vocals were off....but everyone in the place was singing along. The label guy heard that and was like "yeah, "Give It Away" is fine, but "Under the Bridge" is your next single."