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It was also the thing that made them victorious in battle.

Same with the Sessanid empires horse troops.

Instead dothraki had those stupid sickle things. The fight scene with Jonah Mormont in full armor just not even having to try to trap the guys sickle and easily kill him is it's own demonstration for how useless those are.

And that's key... because they aren't envisioned as having enemies they face in battle that would define their own tactics weapons etc in reaponse to them.


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Well this part of rhe problem... I've had this conversation before... there is the expectation of being able to find thenclothes you want in person in a brick and mortar shop so you can try them on.... that's not really our system any more. You can get whatever you want you just have to look online.


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But not all sabers are calvalry sabers...

The calvary variant has less of a gradual curve and more quick pronounced bend.

I don't fence you guys know way more than me n that regard I just follow cus I'd like to try...

But I do know the old west Era calvary sabers were designed to supposed cut off a foot soldiers head by riding past them with the sword pointed straight ahead just letting the curve of the sword produce an almost perpendicular blade. I think this technique was supposed to be better than swinging your arm as you rode past... im.not sure why though perhaps just more accurate when riding past at speed? It's a very similar technique to.the way a bullfighter goes in for the killing blow except the saber is so bent instead of a point it creates a.head.choppy off near sideways blade.

Im not even sure it was a good design but there's a whole history of that feature beinf designed in and then redesigned out I've read it just can't remember. I think there were complaints about how they handled when actually fencing another swordsman.


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Fencing implies two people fighting each other with swords but I think much more often it was swords deployed by officers on foot or by calvary against normal infantrymen armed with muskets and bayonets.

Calvary sabers really aren't designed for fencing primarily they are designed to be held Ina static position while you ride them into someone. The curve is more drastic towards the end meaning when pointed straight ahead at the hilt would then end up about head high with the end of the blade basically perpendicular to the necks it would encounter.


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My dog asked me to kidnap him. He made it really really clear....

First he kept whining and crying trying to jump into my car but it was too full. So I came back and got him later.

Then I had to leave him at a shelter and then guy who ran it told me he got along with everyone but as soon as people tried to adopt him he growled at rhem and refused to get in their car.

He was waiting for me. He'd already decided I was his human, long before I kidnapped him.

They choose their humans sometimes. It's not always so obvious but they do.