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Stunning geological formations at the Skazka (Fairytale) Canyon on the Southern shores of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan (I know that Kul means lake). A popular day trip for locals, we saw more Kyrgyz tourists here than in any other destination, which were far more remote - there we saw nobody.

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That's tragic! Yes, travel to places like this should definitely not be done alone. When we were there we saw a guy on his own who looked like he hadn't slept in days and was high on the experience of being there. Was a bit nerve-wracking watching him jog along the cliff edge.


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There's an access fee set up by the man/family in charge of the land that was 200DKK (around €27) last year, which is quite steep but at least includes a well-maintained trail and basic facilities like a toilet and I think little cafe. The entrance hut may or may not be manned if you go at crazy hours, and you may or may not find a place to drop the cash if no one is there.

As for camping, I'm not sure but I know that the Faroes are generally quite strict as to where you can camp legally. Fishing I believe is permitted, with a permit. Best doing some research.


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Thank you! If memory serves well, they would have been around 20-24mm, shot vertically at F16. Normally I'd have done two sets of the same shots at F11 or so with focus on foreground in one set and background in the second (focus stacking), but frankly it was quite terrifying being close to the edge of the cliff - the drop is perhaps more than 100m - so I just wanted to get the shots as fast as I could!