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He is doing too many shows at once.

All of the stuff tately was not as good as what came before it. Yellowstone Kingstown 1923 is just so slow to accomplish anything even with an amazing cast. Just seems like lazy writing to stretch a season.

Tulsa king was alright but none of the recent stuff is as good as what he has done previously

Having 2 shows on the market for 2 seasons in a row has been a miss.


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Watched it all this afternoon. It was ok. But so many holes..inconsistency in the character development. The main 3 all changed so much without much reason.

Plus there was next to no resolution in the end other than the "what he's made of" bit. Also seemed like the consultant had done much worse stuff previously.. and towards the end outside of the what the show presented in general.

I mean its entertaining but some really poor execution in character building and the story itself overall


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So much more than that.

Probably most excited for mando.. yellowjackets.. succession ..shadow and bone..and Perry Mason...and You.. tho this season has been a bit ridiculous and the "eat the rich" undercurrent was not as subtle as normal..not as good as other seasons but still great.

There is a large amount of great shows in season now that are all headed towards the end. Was kinda worried. Didnt realize this much stuff was about to drop.


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Reply to comment by PainStorm14 in The OA by str8dazzlin

Yea this is seriously underrated.

I honestly seem to forget it myself even from time to time. Then someone brings it up.

Been a very long time since I've seen it. And only saw it once. Need to track it down.


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To make it short

Rectify is one of my favorite shows ever

Probably tops my best ever list

Many don't know that the dude that made rectify has helped on sons of anarchy ..the myans this show unnamed

And especially rectify which is one of the best shows EVER.

It really bothers me in a sense that Sheridan is gettin all the acclaim for this

The motherfucked was on the back row sharing ideas for the shield

Which several actors he has put in this show after the fact.

Just watch the new prequel and spot the HBO guys.

This show has connections most dream about

And I really regret this post

I cannot get past the into


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The new one ..

This show fucks with me bad tbh..

Where I grew up.. from age 10 till 15 when I started to become a man .

I literally rejected my fams way of life.

I invested my entire life into next gen shit..

My job now is monitoring a huge plague this world had to deal with

And the fact that is so hard to identify the enemy has dam near crippled me.

This show so far has orchestrated the relationship between me and my dad.

It's hard to watch but I love it at same time.

I also grew up as an artist and Sheridan has been beyond elite at showing how we grow against diversity down where