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Depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I'm a fan of the one behind alewife and the cambridgeport one (Tudor). Both dog walkers I've had have preferred going to zero new Washington. Realistically, any park that is appropriately sized and near your house is going to be good as long as there aren't problem dogs there, but that will depend on when exactly you go, so you'll probably just have to scope them out


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It's also in a weird slightly out of the way location. The mediocre places are normally at least located somewhere very central so they are still always the "good enough" option to people that are nearby. With their location, they really needed to be a destination


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Sure. And if they are renting a place for $5 and it's suddenly worth $5 million, the landlord will do that, but how often is a landlord accidentally under pricing their rental by $600? It's not like units are jumping 30% year over year. If a landlord is willing to kick someone out to charge higher rent, they were already boosting the rent as much as they could get away with each year, so they aren't going to need to do those huge jumps in the first place


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No apartment within 2 hours of Boston is $1000. Let's go with a realistic low number and say it's a $2000 a month apartment. If they managed to price it right when they first start renting it out, it's not going to be jumping up more than $200 in a year. If they want to renovate there's only so much they can do in a single year with a tenant actively living in there that will justify more than $200 increase a year also.


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The new Sam Adams tap room next to faneuil hall is honestly not bad. Ive always been able to get a seat at the bar upstairs, the space itself is pretty nice, beer is not expensive, and they have about 10 exclusive beers on tap there which are all very well made. Also a great place to practice a completely made up backstory for yourself since the bartenders will always assume you are from out of town.


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>BTW, a bot here is likely to send me an email complaining that our beloved MBTA doesn't have "Lines", it has "Branches"… it always sends me that… of course the article itself, and everybody I know, calls them "Lines". Oh well.

The MBTA has lines, the green line has branches. It's not that confusing. Nothing you said required the use of branch. If you talk about the green line as a whole, you say line. If you are talking about a specific branch of the green line (i.e. the B branch), you say branch.