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Literally two month ago Kenney put in place an unconstitutional ban on firearms in parks.

It was eventually struck down by courts but only after GOA sued the city for it. Kenney has said he thinks people need to give up their guns and just rely on our inept police department. Pathetic and tyrannical.


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It certainly is true, you have just listened to too many bullshitters feeding you incorrect information.

You’ll notice there are familial exceptions and long guns are excluded, but all handguns, short barrel shotguns and SBRs are subject and handguns account for nearly all of the crime committed.

From Giffords Foundation- “In Pennsylvania, an unlicensed seller may only sell a handgun or short-barreled rifle or shotgun to an unlicensed purchaser at the place of business of a licensed importer, manufacturer, dealer or county sheriff’s office.1 The licensed importer, manufacturer, dealer or sheriff must comply with all of the dealer regulations set forth in the Pennsylvania Dealer Regulations section, including a background check on prospective purchaser.2 These requirements do not apply to transfers between spouses, parents and children, or grandparents and grandchildren.3 These requirements also do not generally apply to transfers of long guns.”


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I am as biased as one could possibly be, but I love Penn so very much. They are a “need blind, no loan” university and they reserve a few spaces every year for Philly student. They accepted my application based on merit and without consideration of my family’s poverty and then paid for my entire education. I went from one of the worst high schools in the city to one of the best universities in the world, free of charge and graduated with no debt, thanks to Penn. I met most of my best friends there. I own a business with my freshman year roommate now. Penn is a magical place if you can claw your way in. I always disliked the internal hate Penn received from some students.


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If you look at the surveillance video of them, all three have face coverings and two of them have the black whole head face covering on.

Every time one of these videos comes out my refusal to interact with masked people under 50 is vindicated. If you’re not old or sickly there is no good reason to be covering your damn face. Don’t talk to me, don’t approach me. I assume it is malicious and respond in kind. Stores should get beck to prohibiting masks (with exception for elderly and chronically ill)