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As someone who regularly looks at property to buy and only in metro west I have seen plenty of 3 unit buildings or condos in 3 unit buildings on 6-8000 sq/foot lots. That is already the 15 units per acre.

I have not looked in Weston because it is to far from the city for what I am looking for.


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Get the party room at a restaurant at the seaport in Boston your photographer can get some great pictures. We did our vow exchange, no religious figure, in front of our guests on a public green space next to restaurant.

It was super easy no stress was great.


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I have never heard or read anything about passing rent controlled apt down to your children. I have listened to some Freakonomics podcasts about it so I am not an expert.

I personally would not want to have me and my wife’s room be my dead parents room.

As for a solution I don’t know if I have one.


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One of the biggest problems with rent control is that it prevents mobility. Then restricting future generations.

As families age and kids move out a family no longer needs the 3bed apt. However that family of 2 elderly folks and then the single widow never move out because the rent is controlled. Then a unit that can hold a family of four is now only housing 1 person. The problem is clearly visible.


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Here is the deal. You can put in an offer saying cash. Have it accepted without having the cash and then by the closing of the sale get a mortgage to pay, it is still technically a cash sale. The people selling expensive houses don’t want a contingency of getting the loan. They won’t accept the offer, if you can get the loan and don’t have the cash you just say cash get offer accepted then go get the loan.