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Aside from the obvious such as meeting notes, I keep a running To-Do list, crossing things off as I do them. I also am a writer, so random notes that I later type into documents and the what not.

There are just times when you can't whip out your phone and type things in. Plus, I believe that the physical act of writing tends to imprint things in your brain more readily


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I liked how they avoided a bullshit ending where Hanks and Hunt got back together at the end. Instead, she stayed with her husband--who also recognized and respected his wife's feelings at the awful tragedy that had taken place. In other words, actual mature adults doing mature things in a terrible situation.


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The problem is that they are borrowing money based on their propaganda, not based on their reality. Ugly things are beginning to happen in the Chinese economy. The fact that they've built 65 million housing units that will sit empty forever because there's not enough population to buy them should tell you everything you need to know.


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Over the course of his career, a doctor who performed circumcisions collected every foreskin he ever lopped off. As he neared retirement, he wanted something as a keepsake.

So one day, he takes a giant jar filled with foreskins to a leather worker. After the leather worker's initial shock, he asked the doctor what he wanted. "I don't know. Just make me something. Surprise me."

When the doctor comes back two weeks later, the leather worker disappears into the back and returns to the counter carrying a wallet.

"A wallet? That's it? Thirty years of circumcisions and all you have to show for it is a wallet?"

"Yeah. But if you rub it, it turns into a briefcase."


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I think the world makes perfect sense as long as you understand it as it truly is rather than mold it to a particular worldview.

We are undergoing a convulsive few years as the world's globalized economic order shatters due to the pressures of aging demographics. China is going over a demographic and economic cliff, Russia is disintegrating before our eyes, and Europe is aging rapidly. Once you understand the larger forces at work, then understanding the world isn't necessarily impossible.