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well, ill say this, the XS sounds really really good, never for a second that I doubt the purchase. BUT the fit is a hit or miss, my coconut is on the HUGE side of the big. I maxed out the R70x wing suspension system they have(I have to bend the headband). So I thought oh so the XS has to fit me like a glove... NO, fit every loosely(could be good or bad)even for big ass head, pressure point under the ear-lope(after 2-3hr).

I haven't try the BTR7 yet, no demo unit sadge. But I wouldn't get it either, the bigger form factor doesn't fit my use case. cuz I clip my BTR5 to the "pen holder" slot of my shirt while the BTR7 doesn't have a clip/case.


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The XS running thru the BTR5(BAL) is pretty well driven, w about 10 clicks away from max(High gain). But IMO, it doesn't sound that good, too airy to the point where it sounded thin, loses that BASS more like bass now lol. XS thru the A50s is a league above ngl. I have the B2, not B2D, and to compare to 2 is like comparing 1kg of steel and 1kg of feathers. 1 has the soundstage, the airiness, and the bass impact, while the B2 is just clean and surgical. That's not to mention it's 2 different experiences.


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oh and do not trust your phone's built-in app, like my Samsung well-being app. If I plug in all the numbers of my IEM w a dongle DAC at max volume into a headphone calculator, it came out to @ 122db, while the app only shows 98db. BIG OOF, blindly trust it gonna make it worse

P/S: I posted this on the other sub, someone asked the same question


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>the SE215 was more "accurate" (similar to what the music should actually sound like)

no lmao

Return that, no point in keeping it when u cant even keep it to your ears. I mean w those ear tips provided and it still cant stay put, that just comes down to bad ergonomic


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hmmm, i agree that 10 is a bit much, but switching every week between my R70x and XS keeps me going. Just yesterday, I never felt this euphoric switching back to R70x playing some tech house lol. Preventing "sound signature burn-in" is the best way to save money.

Saying that I have the DCA Aeon Closed X, and 6XX on the way FUKKK ME


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Me, i capture the moment w the music. So when I heard that piece of music I re-live the moment. Its a weird thing to say out loud as I do a bit of photography. Looking at photos I re-experience not re-live that frame of life, cuz my brain didn't make the connection w the music.


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Album See The Sound by Etro AnimeMostly modern Jazz w electronic flair, "Persona" music, Liquid DnB, some RnB

I came across the album by accident, I was just looking for the opening OST of SMT:DDS2(videogame I played as a kid). Songs called "Danger" and out of curiosity found the band, they only produce this 1 album.