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There are a few that you can easily double up on Freer/Sackler (Asian Art) as well as the African Art are right there and smaller than some of the others.

The American Art and Portrait Gallery are in the same building and an easy two-fer. Get lunch/dinner over in China Town or on 7th Ave when you’re there.

Whenever you hit American Indian, get lunch at their cafeteria as they have the best cafe of all the Smithsonians.

The Air and Space on the mall is only 1/3 open right now but they have some stuff there. The bigger air and space museum is the Udvar Hazy center out by Dullas airport, it’s a ways out there but there’s so much it will take a good half day or more.

The zoo is a Smithsonian but on the edge of town. The Renwick Gallery is over by the White House.

Of course all that is less than half the Smithsonian’s, Still have the Postal Museum, Hirshorn, Natural History, , American History, Arts and Industry, African American History and Culture, The Castle, and the Anacostia.

The National Gallery of Art is not technically part of the smithsonian, but most assume it is as it’s an art museum right on the mall next to the others (and if you are interested in art they have a good large collection).

Keep an eye out as Air and Space, National Zoo, and I think African American History and Culture might still be doing timed tickets that you need to reserve in advance.

Pick the ones you want to focus on. If your’e a completionist, you can speed run a lot of the ones on the mall by just poking in and seeing one thing at the spots you’re less interested in so long as they’re not doing timed tickets.


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I once heard a story that you used film for one shoot just because you didn’t want the subject pressuring you to delete shots or just pay too much attention to the techs station. Is there any truth to that story or was someone just pulling my leg?


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I disagree with you. I fly a lot. I can know where 5 different letters are I will not know for certain if 36 is in row C or D unless I know exactly which gate of 60+ gates is in each gate house. 5 letters are much easier to memorize the locations of than 50-80 gates. I don’t look at the map at DCA at all. If they had numbers I’d probably need to, but this system helps it so I can get from the metro to my gate in less than 10 minutes.

It speeds things up and I do not see how it harms anyone beyond trigging OCD aversion in some people.


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They don’t repeat numbers to avoid confusion (Don’t want someone saying ”B1“ and someone hearing D1 or E1).

The letter indicates where you need to go as each arm of the terminal has its own set of letters. If you’re familiar with the airport it helps you know whether you want to enter on the north or south security entrance (which is now more a convenience thing but used to be more of a requirement).

This is common practice at many airports. (Source: I have been on over 50 flights in the past year so I see a lot of airports).


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No it’s not just wanted to make absolutely sure you got the flue. Some fancy fireplaces will have doors and vents under them to allow for control (let the fire get roaring or slow it down) since you said you’re not used to fire places just wanted to make sure you didn’t think that was the flue. (No offense to you, just covering all bases) the vents on the floor really aren’t needed unless you have solid (glass) doors in front of the fireplace.


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  1. If this is a house you own and haven’t already it probably would be good to get a chimney inspection by a chimney sweep. The carbon and such from the fire will build up on the chimney overtime cutting the airflow and then there’s animals or things that could cause a blockage. If something blocks up the works it can cause smoke to get stuck in the house (if it gets bad it can lead to causing a fire inside the chimney which is not safe and potentially burn your house down… get an inspection)
  2. Is your flue open. There is usually a value called the flu that has a handle of some type to close it when you don’t have a fire going so cold air doesn’t leak into your house. (I assume this is what you mean by the ”vent thing” but if you mean the little vents at the bottom of the fireplace floor, that’s not it)
  3. When starting a fire it helps to get some heat going up the flue. If you’re using news paper to start the fire, I’d make a little torch of it first and light it and hold it up the flue for 10 seconds to heat up the air and start a draft pulling air up through the chimney. Then light the fire with the paper.

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Except “people who” in both implies it’s two different if they said “people who work at the airport and stay at hotels” you’d be correct however it’s a union of two different groups (people who work at the airport) and (people who stay at hotels). A comma has no place here and using one would be grammatically incorrect.