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Bridgeport is a very functional city as long as you know where not to go. I lived there for almost 15 years in the 80’s , my daughter was born at Bridgeport hospital my father died there. I still live 10 miles away and go there often for various reasons. I think Black rock would be the best choice for finding a reasonable place to live.


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If I was a shit bag fascist leader I’d be pre- ordering these babies by the dozen. The companies making these things talk a great game but history sadly suggests that corporations and governments in general cannot be trusted to do the right thing ever . Profit is the name of the game here and it’s ethics be damned when the check has enough zeroes on it . The elephant in the room is that all know where this will eventually lead, that’s why I might just hang on to grandpas double barrel if you don’t mind. P.s I’m not stupid enough to be in awe at these things dancing around or the suggestion that they might be good for carrying groceries for old people.