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Yesterday an acquaintance of mine, trying to cure my mental illness through the power of positive thinking, told me about the visibly disabled man she used to see walking down the road in all weather every day on his way to work. By all weather, I mean -40F winters and 100F summers in a place with no public transportation that is designed for cars, not pedestrians. She said it was inspiring because he was pushing through his adversity, and she admired him. From her car in which she did not offer the disabled man a ride. I'm of the opinion that illustrates societal failure on many levels and is nightmarish rather than inspiring, but I did run out of Kool aid a while back.

Same vibes.


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My only experience with the suicide hotline traumatized me rather badly. It was actual harm, far past just being ridiculous platitudes. I probably shouldn't go into it on a good vibes only subreddit but it scares me seeing these numbers put out there as a good thing. It did permanent harm to me and I'm far less likely to ever discuss suicidal thoughts or reach out for help after that experience.