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Wild animals always do this first, getting even a small injury can lead to infection and death.

But, when push comes to shove, they will of course attack. And that Owl would rip that kittys throat out in a split second.

They seem like dorky, docile birds. But they kill fucking eagels, they are probably the Apex predator of the skies.


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I thought you ment r/niceguys, r/creepypm or something like that.

Aren't you a nice fellow, fucking whiteknight.


Guess I am not clear.

Comment on a hot girl in r/gifs you get lynched, women thirsting over a dude on r/gifs. Upvotes.

Litarellay just some days ago, a post where someone said "beautiful eyes and smile" to a girl. That's it. 138 downvotes.

Other subs, what has that anything to do with it? There are literall porn subs..


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My point exactly. It is so horrific there is own subreddits to calling them out.

So why is it ok when women do it?

I'm not talking about the comments them selves, I am talking about the act of sending sexually related comments. Ok when Women do it, apparently.

This is exactly the reason Male rape gets laughed at and not taken seriously.


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I'll probably get downvoted for this, but wtf happened?

I'm so sick of "gender equallity" going overboard. Not the first example.

Women thirsting over this guys, several comments, gets upvoted.

Say something like "nice smile" to a girl as a male. Damn near death treats.


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Hahaha, oh yeah, some deserve it and a bit more malicious.

I was mad as all hell for like 10 min, as I mentioned, not a morning person. But once I got on some dry clothes, and a cup of coffee it was all good again and we laughed about it.

We had a boss that was a royal dick, once when he for the millionth time did something to piss us all of, we lifted his car on top of a shipping container. We had 90T forklifts, and only us on the floor had the license. No idea how he got it down, cuz we went home. But it was gone the next day and we never heard anything.


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Or, have workshop buddies that love pranks.

Source: worked with a bunch of them as an industrial tech. Worst one was coming in at 5:30 in tje morning, then getting hosed with the fire hose....I am NOT a morning person.


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Labtech here, it does also kill cells when you use it to sterilize. Like you mentioned, membranes (since they are unprotected) and wounds and such. Thats where the intens stinging/burning comes from.

Your skin can handle it pretty well though. But if it is punctured, and you use high conevtration alcohol, you will kill the other most layers of cells in the tissue.