ApolloAtlas t1_j1z5ie2 wrote

I'm farmer adjacent. The work that goes into raising ethical meat is incredible. It's also an incredibly different experience. People take meat for granted. It absolutely shouldn't be.

Lab grown meat is perfect for the people who don't care where their meat comes from that just want the chicken sandwich or burger from a fast food place. They might say they can tell or it isn't as good but it is. I've brought coworkers both impossible whoppers and KFC beyond nuggets as a blind test and they couldn't tell. (Side note KFC nuggets are very hit and miss on quality, BK mostly a hit but sometimes the burger flipper doesn't know what they're doing).

People who still want the fine dining experience with real meat should absolutely be free to do so and pay the price for it. Despite what hard-core vegans espouse, organic carbon neutral farming cannot be done without animals. Ethically is optional but in my opinion morally necessary.