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Honestly, the person you are replying to sounds like a member of the British royalty. Cause they are straight up full of garbage.

Even if someone was as generous as possible, you can not explain anything the empire did that wasn't just straight up awful. Attempting to conquer the globe usually suggests that the people are indeed assholes.


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I live directly across a lake from Fox Lake. The entire town is a collection of drunks, same thing here. Although Fox Lake has way more bars and boat places because it's sandwiched between multiple lakes.

If you pull a car over after 9-10 pm anywhere around here, you have a 50/50 chance of finding a drunk. But in fox lake, it's probably closer to 80/20.


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That's what the no bail system is about. It gives judges and prosecution the ability to make these type of decisions based on each case. Instead of the mandatory crap from before.

This is a symptom of a new system that everyone expected to happen. If it wasn't for all of the deliberate liars trying to paint the no bail system as "criminals running the show", this wouldn't even be a story.


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My cousin and the mother of hopefully his only child with her have a relationship like this. She's a psycho that dreams of the things she sees on social media. She's also completely useless and lazy. Her only life skills up to this point have been providing sex to whomever pays the rent on her dad's rental house, drinking, and smoking more weed than the average oompa loompa.


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I was merely pointing out that being overweight had nothing to do with his situation. Being overweight isn't going to win health awards, but you can limit your calories and still be a train wreck inside.


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My dad has never been close to overweight and lives off of simple carbs and chocolate. His arteries were all 70% blocked and worse. One was completely blocked, he had a heart attack.


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So then they need to study short term cumulative effects. Which I'm sure they will, but they first had to get a baseline on potential damage. The alarming part was that some of the damage would not heal. Which could mean that repeated use could add up.

Smoking one cigarette won't give you cancer, but keep subjecting your lungs to it and you increase your odds. The question is whether or not you want to risk finger cancer for fancy nails.