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I don't think Ukraine has lost as many troops as Russia has. Perhaps you saw that Ukraine has high casualties and thought that meant "killed"? Because casualties is a broader term that includes killed, but also includes wounded, missing, or otherwise out of action. I could believe Ukrainian casualties are 125k maybe. Many do get wounded. But unlike their Russian counterparts, they often get proper medical treatment and many even get to go back into the fight. Russians get left to die. Likewise, Russians killed is definitely over 100k by now. The rest that counts as casualties is likely an even bigger number.


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I don't find it useful to argue/debate unless it's in front of an audience and the topic is important to me. I and my opponent are both human. I expect them to dig in their heels, just as I most likely will too. I go into it believing they will not be convinced ever. Instead, my goal is to get the audience to see my way of things. They don't have a stake in the argument, they're not having to worry about losing or winning, being right or wrong. Naturally, they can change their minds in silence and not "lose face" so to say. I consider myself to have won if I've convinced the observers, even if my opponent gets the last word.