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> Doesn't it imply anti-biotic when you say it does kill some or "99.7%" of germs?

No. "Antibiotic" means something specific: they are drugs that fight bacterial infections. Like how penicillin can be used to treat bacterial meningitis but is useless against viral and fungal illnesses like influenza and ringworm.

Antiseptics, on the other hand, are chemicals that are used to sanitize surfaces but are useless for treating illnesses. Like how hand sanitizers kill gems on your hands due to their ethanol content, but drinking ethanol doesn't do anything to treat any type of infection.


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I was talking about Republicans specifically targeting Republican majorities with voter suppression being a new thing. You're saying it's not because when Republicans have targeted Democrat majorities with voter suppression, a small number of Republicans were affected via collateral damage.

I have no idea why you think an incidental amount collateral damage is the same thing as being the large, explicit target, but that's where the confusion comes from.