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We’ll need Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler too.

“The same team that built the first living robots (“Xenobots,” assembled from frog cells—reported in 2020) has discovered that these computer-designed and hand-assembled organisms can swim out into their tiny dish, find single cells, gather hundreds of them together, and assemble “baby” Xenobots inside their Pac-Man-shaped “mouth”—that, a few days later, become new Xenobots that look and move just like themselves.”


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Anecdotes are about as good as you can hope for when asking people about their experiences with racism.

I’m Mexican and was called a “white homophobic male on a power trip” for enforcing covid protocols.

A lesbian, called a Mexican, a white homophobic male, because she didn’t like rules.

Mentioned in another comment that Oregon has casual racists. Was called, “The Mexican” when I lived their


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People are calling her soft and are seeing her withdrawals from tournaments prior to this as ridiculous. A lot of people think she’s addicted to attention and pity.

This is an opportunity for those people to pour it on even more. Instead of congratulations they’re telling her to retire already. Being a new mom will make things much more difficult than when she was backing out of tournaments without them.


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The White House is also doing their research on this. It’s alarming that multiple entities, including the USA government are choosing SAI’s of sulfur dioxide around the same time.

“Some of the techniques, such as spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, are known to have harmful effects on the environment and human health. But scientists and climate leaders who are concerned that humanity will overshoot its emissions targets say research is important to figure out how best to balance these risks against a possibly catastrophic rise in the Earth's temperature.”


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Apparently it’s racist to some too.

Unbelievable how people take others adversity as an opportunity to soapbox their own opinions so self-righteously.

Funny they don’t stigmatize these young men’s autonomy. Or are they?


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I’ve never considered that using Siri makes me guilty of perpetuating negative stereotypes or that women in general were guilty of this. It doesn’t feel like a servant and it has access to far more RAM than I so it has more knowledge about nearly everything.

Further, there will be a pocket of society that will take issues with “a binary male voice” giving them “orders”. This is trivial.


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People didn’t take it seriously when Stephen Jackson, Allen Iverson, Nick cannon, desean Jackson, Dwayne wade, Lebron James, all fell into the lure of antisemitism disguised as black empowerment by Louis Farrakhan.

It’s time people start taking Farrakhan’s terrorist hate group seriously