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The way I read this is, that because of socio-economic effects, black people have a different lifestyle and because of this we see the ageing occur earlier. Am I reading that correct?

Why diden't they control for variables such as average or mean income if they believe that's a spurious correlation? We know people who are more wealthy on average live longer, eat more healthy, get more exercise, read more books etc.


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Yes. I think even 1200 hours of training is pretty low for a police officer, and way below what's required to learn the necessary skills to handle difficult situations as well as learning all the other police training, like the rights of citizens, self-defence training, firearm training etc.

What would be much more interesting is to compare the data with European countries where it takes much longer to become a cop.


It's hard though, because to properly compare, you need to have a lot of control variables simply because the US and EU are very different.

There are a few ways to tackle the problem in question - The effect of police training have on shooting incidents - does more training = less shootings?


E.g. using a most similar systems design to compare two or more states in the US, that are very similar in demographic, GINI, poverty, mental illness, gun ownership etc. but differs in police training hours.

I think you don't get any meaningful correlation here because you are comparing every state without controlling for other variables.