ArcadianBlueRogue t1_ja1rm52 wrote

Haven't been to Roma's over on Staples Mill since...God 6 years maybe? still a solid environment, the mozzarella sticks, pizza, and tiramisu were all good.

And my family was able to order those half portions of the pastas, which was great since none left to worry about sitting in the fridge.


ArcadianBlueRogue t1_j9sncrv wrote

Like, about the landlord or some tips for cooling your apartment?

I can't begin to know the former, but I saw somewhere a physics teacher talking about how to cool a room without relying on AC when it's not super hot out like now.

Open the windows and point a fan towards the outside, but back a bit from the window itself. Creates some kind of tunnel effect I don't remember the name of. Helps cool things down a good bit and it seems to work for me.