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Netflix doesn't really need marketing. They just release something new and put it in the banner with a cool image. The only commitment the viewer needs is hitting play. And if someone were to miss the giant screen banner on their TV they will see it again in the Top 10 list or have a friend talk about it. It's sort of brilliant.


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BB and Sopranos are god tier TV shows that ended well, had fantastic writing and didn't overstay their welcome. I can count on one hand how many shows actually fit that description. Thats the difference.

Both Dexter and Lost ended badly, had shitty writing and didn't end well.


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While you have it make sure you check out Black Bird. Its fucking great show about a criminal being sent into superbad prison to try to coax a confession out of a serial killer. Fantastic acting from both of the leads, the story is awesome and I literally couldn't stop watching it. Binged it in a day.

Also the movie "The Greatest Beer Run Ever" needs to be seen. It's the true story of a guy taking beers to his buddies in Vietnam.

Also Slow Horses is a great spy show, Shrinking is a hilarious comedy with Harrison Ford and I really liked Schmigadoon.


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The trailer for the Tom Cruise 'Jack Reacher' film got me to read the novels. I still can't believe how well it was adapted for Amazon, that first season is very close to the book. Even some of the stuff they added was from a different book.


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It's actually 2 - 5. Originally, the brothers weren't meant to continue. It was going to be a anthology series at first. Their chemistry on screen is what made them stop telling a story about the world with these characters in it, and more about these characters interacting with the world. Also the budget significantly increases in the second season. If you watch the end of Season 1, it ends with a car crash with generic ass music playing on the radio. Season 2 starts and its playing a licensed Ted Nugent song.