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the other day i was driving out of the grocery store parking lot. when i turned out of my spot: there was a cart that rolled down to the middle of the aisle near the sewer grate i had to avoid.

I saw this older fella was walking out of his way to go collect and bring it back to a corral or storefront: so I rolled my window down and as I maneuvered around him I hollared "you're awesome! thanks for collecting that!" and his mouth turned into this cheesy proud grin

remember: you shouldn't do things BECAUSE you expect a reward. that defeats the purpose of doing it for "good" in the first place. But this guy was already going out of his way to help and so he totally deserved to be recognized!


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when you say "attach to the panel above the rear window" you mean... the fabric covered headliner?!

VHB tape is provided with just about every aftermarket electronic I've ever used, it's used for factory mounting too. But NO amount of stickytape is going to work on fabric.

Dash cams are designed to be adjusted so they can install on any window... buying one that can't do that sounds super sketchy. If it's so cheap you can't mount to your window, and it can't adjust to your window slope: how do you expect to be able to use any film captured off of it?


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> Regulations only work when there's a rule of law and oversight for corruption at all levels of society.

Corruption appears when 'trickle down economics' is in effect. That means wealth is truly concentrated* in the very top 0.1% and the only payout you deserve other than barely able to afford food and shelter (let alone education or health) is what you can manage to pilfer from those with more wealth than you do or are willing to take* from those under you.

*these things are "ethically corrupt" even if laws say it is legal. this is 'left' thinking compared to 'right' thinking to me - and simply follows the "Golden Rule"


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>Not spreading during wet weather

Farmers will respond: "Farming doesn't wait for weather"

So to get them to comply you need some laws, monitoring (water testing, sensors), and enforcement vehicle (serious fines that help pay for the monitoring).


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> rising demand

limited demand... from what? a return to pre-pandemic production levels? The production was always there (no missing refineries afaik) they just have a few convenient reasons to gouge everyone unable to negotiate fair prices.


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High-tension power lines and natural gas pipelines already cut swathes across the landscape; it'd be great if those same corridors could be naturalized with native species that support year-round wildlife instead of thistles and thorns to deter interlopers.

Imagine if landowners along these corridors were given some financial incentive (infrastructure bill) to regrow some hardwoods like hickory and oaks like US used to have all over the place.