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LPT #2: if you start sliding in your AWD/4WD, throw it in neutral and it helps stop you immensely. If you keep it in drive you have power actively being applied to the wheels that you’re trying to stop—in neutral that is not happening. Has saved me from a fender bender or two living and driving for work in the High Rockies.

Unsure how this works for RWD/FWD, though.


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It’s a good tip for writing in general. Partially because of how school work for writing is organized, and how it encourages higher word counts, we all mostly learned to write with fluff, and not how to be appropriately concise. There is such a thing as too concise though, I don’t want to read the equivalent of formalized radio-talk.


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Helly Hansen deserves more recognition on this sub. Made by people who use their gear, I’ve found living in the high Rockies it’s one of a few brands that can mix stylish and functional in a near perfect way. I’ve yet to buy something from them that I didn’t love. And their jackets look great in general.

They’ll repair clothes at their shops, too.