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Sadly there is zero trust with police. Since testing for THC levels isn't an accurate measurement of impairment, I normally would say have a field test. However, I've seen my multiple examples just this week of police abusing this and trying to bring in people for DUI with no alcohol in their system. They can't be trusted to treat THC impairment without a physical test.

This is yet another reason why the police suck. We cannot have good laws because those with the power to enforce them, abuse that power immediately and constantly.


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That "When they go low, we go high" bullshit gets you curb stomped in elections because the general public doesn't care about this and it blows over fast. They held themselves to higher standards and one of the best Senators resigned over a decades old photo while on a comedy tour. This is a political war. Both sides are as much puppets of corporations but when you try to show off for being righteous, you resign and lose power. One party is in this for pure power and when they wield it, it only helps out the elites.


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How many statements were coerced or completely invented to protect themselves from this monster?

I'm sure the entire time no other officers knew a thing about it and would certainly have stopped it if they had. I mean, it's not like they are detectives with a criminal sharing an office with them.


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How much perfectly good, edible food does your establishment throw out every day? How much good food is kept from hungry people in this nation that's supposedly the greatest ever? Maybe we don't need as many people on assistance if we don't have fake shortages of food and stop paying people so little since most people on SNAP are working at least one job.


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Construction companies would rather not build if they cannot get a significant profit. Since new home buying is dropping, it means fewer construction jobs.

Because our society doesn't do things to fulfill needs of society. We NEED plentiful, affordable, permanent housing. We NEED new infrastructure that benefits the masses with public transit and more well designed population centers. We NEED alternative energy sources for a sustainable future.

We get whatever is most profitable to very few. We GET policy that isn't helpful to the masses but profitable to those who already hold power.


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Simple question to those who support the death penalty.

How many executions of innocent people becomes an unacceptable amount? Is it acceptable to have 1 innocent person executed? 2? 10?

Ultimately and specifically because of how broken our system of "justice" has become, innocent people will be murdered by the State. Once that happens, there is no moral or legal or acceptable standing to continue.


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I have such a distaste for Mayor Pete. He gets praise from normies because they see him with snappy retorts on Fox News shutting down jackasses. They ignore his absolute incompetence from day 1 in this job. He is a corporate puppet and uses identity politics to make it seem like he is the next big thing. I don't know if it is worse that he is such an empty suit or that people are so gullible and if orant that they buy into his BS.


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GOP voters love the line of Regulations are bad and handcuff the free market blah blah blah.

Then when they repeal them we start to see more and more why we NEED them to begin with... Because every corporate board room would vote to slowly kill and harm their own workers and citizens if it means increasing their stock by a few points and cushioning their bonuses.


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Obama set regulations for safety but the lobbyists got it watered down to not include this type of train and cargo to NOT be considered hazardous and dangerous.

Trump repealed the regulations on safety after big donations from that industry to his PAC.

Biden has yet to restore the damages done by Trump and his Sec. Of Transportation is absolutely useless and too cozy with corporate America to address and attack this violence against the American people.

We need a Shapiro to put the screws to evil (yes, they knowingly and willingly harm others to boost their profits so they are evil) corporate ghouls and hold them accountable not just financially but with criminal and long term laiability for the inevitable cancer clusters that appear in this region down the road for the people who have to move back.


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Reply to comment by Raecino in 2016 by Failedmysanityroll

Was, is, and will be again in the future. Listen to his speeches from the early 90's. He predicts a lot of the major issues we have because and lists the reasons for them.


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I actually wanted kids when I was younger. Things didn't work out, didn't meet the right woman, wasn't in a good place financially or health wise.

If we had a decent society, things would have been different. Long story but thinking about all the serious hurdles in life that set me back, a decent society that takes care of it's citizens would make everyone's life better instead of the top crushing everyone else while hoarding wealth.