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The issue with scaling up fuel cells is that they require even more rarified metals, as I understand it, the amount of platinum (and other metals) you need doesn't scale up in a linear fashion. Once you get to heavy machinery, from large trucks to super-panamax ships, you're talking about a significant expense on precious metals alone, not to mention the extra engineering that goes in to storing a useful amount of hydrogen.

Combustion, especially in a medium that allows you to control the burn rate, is a much better option. It gives you more power at higher density without the downsides of hydrogen storage. Mixing hydrogen with diesel is one option, but there are some cool things being done with Ammonia (NH3), including mixing it with diesel, or cracking off some of those Hs in liquid ammonia solution and using that as fuel. The great thing about these fuels is that, much like biodiesel, existing diesel/bunker engines can be adapted to burn these fuels.


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Seriously, for anyone with ADD/ADHD or Executive Dysfunction, this is the advice. There's something about small discreet tasks that make large projects actually feel accomplishable, and though this won't work for everyone (building a list is also a large project, for some people), it's a great thing to practice doing, though it may take a while to get good at.


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Blame Brad Parscale and Cambridge Analytica. They were the first to really weaponize targeted advertising. And now the whole system is built on toothpicks and doing its best impression of the subprime mortgage market in 2007.


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A lot of people trashing this paper when it isn't even the first study to show that the representation of outgroups to those holding prejudice is reduced by exposure to honest representations of the outgroup.

Turns out that representation matters.