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I'd never heard this before, but it seems like he'd be too old for the role. He's 5 years older than Michael Richards, 10 older than Seinfeld and 15 older than JLD and Jason Alexander. Richards already seems a little old compared to the rest, and George was supposed to be Jerry's old friend from growing up. I don't know, it just would have been a very different show with Danny.


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> RESTAURANTE TÍO PEPE - Never loved the food here but the vibes are immaculate

If the vibe you're talking about is "I may die in a fire in this place", I agree. Maybe it was just because it was one of the first places I went out after Covid lockdowns, but I legit felt unsafe in that space.


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I rented from Urban Phoenix and they were always quite good, and really saved my ass by not taking my deposit for some damage they classified as wear and tear when it could have been blamed on me. Their properties are mostly in the Pigtown/Hollins Market area (or at least they were back when I rented from them).