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Russia is losing a conventional war in Ukraine, against Ukraine.

They would lose a conventional war to the US much faster.

Nukes against Nukes? Russia loses again. But no one would be around for a victory parade, maybe.

The US has a larger, more modern nuclear triad than Russia. So if Russia launches their weapons, US launches their weapons. Germany launches their weapons. France launches their weapons. UK launches their weapons.

Who wins in that exchange? China and India.


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I don’t know what it is like in Delhi. And I don’t know your personal situation. So my advice is worth what you are paying for it.

If you have a nest egg from your family that has been earmarked for school, be sure to discuss with them how you are considering using it.

You can attempt to place the money in the market and grow it, but you could also lose your nest egg that way. It is a risk / reward question. To quantify the risk and reward, ask to see the annual reports on how this nest egg was gathered and how it has grown. We are facing a dynamic international situation, with inflationary pressure from Ukraine / Russia and a weird employment environment. Even typically “safe” investments will have increased risk. Do your own research before you invest.

You should research the cost and benefit of a college degree in Delhi and abroad. Look into the risks of culture shock as well. Once you leave home, it may be expensive or difficult to return, and that can negatively impact your studies. I had a friend move across the country for a scholarship and he had to drop out because he could not adjust to the new environment quickly enough.

If you are unclear on what to study, do some shadowing of people in your areas of interest. Discover how their day goes and what they deal with. Do research on the potential income, and also check the local job market for positions and what they actually pay. I’ve seen reports claiming average starting salaries in the 6 figures, but when you look at the job boards, nothing pays over mid 5. The reports are skewed by the high cost of living cities, and other locations are different.

Hope this helps


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I wish we had the survey they used and the raw data. I question their conclusion that women have inhibited sexual passion more frequently. Did they assume that? Or did the data lead to that conclusion? Very unclear from the article.