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Oh for sure. North Jersey also has some of the best schools for kids, which is one of the major reasons we are looking to stay in the area, but have you seen the shit holes that they're trying to sell for over $400k? Insane, really. And the feds just hiked up the rates. Smh. But I agree, no way in hell would I ever move down to Alabama. Hard pass.


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You know, I'm all about respecting thy elders. However, sometimes thy elders need to be brought back to earth. Why don't you try and sit with him and ask him what it is that he would have done differently, aside from begging, since the approach you took wasn't the correct one? Me, personally, I see no other way.


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Your parents are aholes for not taking your side in this situation. You handled it properly. You asked her to stop, and she got rude and laughed at you. After that, it is what it is. I'd never punish my son for doing the right thing. Sometimes, the right thing is protecting yourself.