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You can see our area's extremes and means records...

It looks like a lot of record highs for winter in this region occurred in the late 1800s/early 1900s. This was also during the industrial revolution, so it makes sense that the highs would occur during that time, however you think it would have steadily gotten worse.

So why hasn't it gotten worse? I'm not saying that global warming isn't a thing or isn't detrimental, pollution is pollution and I'm all about keeping ecosystems in place, however "unusually high temp for this month" isn't the smoking gun folks tend to think it is.


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People are still easing into cold weather, I live on a road with a tight turn right before my house and this time of year I have at least five cars wipe out and spin into my yard. Then it stops and everyone drives careful again til it gets warm lol.

Maybe call the city and ask for temporary speed bumps to be installed? I live in a rural area now and there's nothing I can really do about it but I imagine in the city you could ask for speed bumps.


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I see a lot of people recommending Amish butter, just a heads up (I live in very rural Butler County now and horse drawn buggies pass my house daily), unless you go to a farm market or to their home to buy butter from the lady of the house, most of that rolled butter you see in stores is not real Amish butter, it's just rolled Amish style. And you have to be careful in Amish tourist traps like over in Lancaster, some Amish people are not so honest and will buy bulk butter from Sam's Club, bring it home and reform it with rustic looking packaging.


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Thanks for the clarification. In what circumstances would a company have to spend all their money before the end of the year? I heard in passing a while ago that someone had leftover money and they were looking for ways to spend it on their business before the end of year or the government would require it to be paid to them. I figured it was nonprofit stuff but now I'm curious what it is.


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I agree with you here, that there are taxes being paid with this money, but the government is a hungry pig and even with those taxes being paid through permits, payroll, sales tax, etc eventually the property is no longer generating income to the government and they're going to get it from somewhere else. Building these structures raises the property value of the surrounding area, so is almost like a cruel joke to everyone around them; they come in and put their building there, don't pay any property taxes but everyone else has to pay more when their property is reassessed.


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I didn't say they actually did pay it to the government, just that they were supposed to, and I'm not even all that positive if that's the rule. And if AHN and the Catholic church used their profits to buy equipment, upgrades, repairs, restorations, etc then they technically aren't breaking any laws. There is a very high chance that these expenses are a form of money laundering however that's the government's fault for allowing it (read: accepting lobby money to turn a blind eye), and our fault for allowing this country to become an American Aristocracy.

We are well past the point of our votes mattering because every single person in government is eventually bought, again because we allow it. We don't hold them accountable foe their actions, only thing left to do now is start an uprising and bring back the gallows.


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Reply to comment by Amrun90 in upmc by Safe-Pop2076

I don't know you other than the fact you work in nursing. Are you crappy nurse? I have no idea. But your vehement defense of these low bar nurses and insistence of my disrespect of you personally, well, if the shoe fits...

You should be just as angry as I and many others are of the deplorable state of nursing on the LPN and CNA level. This past year the company I work for has dumped thousands upon thousands into research and development to change our equipment and accessories of said equipment in order to "nurse-proof" it because this generation of nurses we have currently cannot operate the lab equipment previous generations were once able to use with ease. Your vendors of your lab equipment requested us to build our products in such a way a "10 year old child is able to use with ease and no confusion". You should be questioning why your colleagues are considered as adept at lab equipment as 10 year olds.

So do not tell me I do not know anything about the nursing field, I know quite a bit seeing as these people who supposedly have a vast and wide range of knowledge in order to pass their NCLEX cannot handle equipment I manufacture anywhere near the level of adeptness as nurses 10 years ago, to the point where my entire manufacturing process has had to change to accommodate them. My products shouldn't have to be dumbed down to compensate for their lack of knowledge and ability, there should be no handicap applied here seeing as people's lives depend on their adeptness.


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Are you fucking kidding me?

I have every right to be disrespectful to a field that's falling short, which my life may depend on one day. Just because you're a nurse doesnt make you a god. You aren't a hero, you are paid to go to work. If you weren't paid, you wouldn't go. Heroism is a selfless act for humanity, my insurance premiums and out of pocket costs that go toward paychecks and the profit machine of healthcare doesn't make anyone in that field a hero. It's makes them a paid employee. Expecting the nursing field to be viewed through a lens of reverence is laughable. It's a necessity, like garbage men and postal workers. Someone has to do it, and they need to pay their bills.

I engineer integral pieces of equipment used in your labs, equipment that's used to save lives. I develop them. Am I a hero? Nope. I'm a manufacturing engineer who gets paid to use my brain to make things happen.


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Where did I belittle the profession? I'm not belittling anything. I'm calling out the fact there is a problem with current nurse training and certifications/licensing/whatever. If you cannot see the current issue with healthcare and this army of nurses who have no business being in the field and the fact the nursing shortage has been capitalized by career training centers and a 51% correct answer rate on their licensing exams, I can only assume you are part of that army and cannot see your own contribution. Every respectable RN I've ever come across has mentioned this exact same issue. Ask any of them yourself.


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Yes, and many of those programs approved are offered through for profit career training centers and online schools. Like, a lot of them. Just because the program is approved doesn't always mean it's a good one.

And I'm sorry, but the NCLEX is not difficult. I did a prep NCLEX once to prove a point and I passed it, Im an engineer.


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You take the nurse training courses online and get an associates in Science, then go do so many clinic hours and eventually sit your test, which the NCLEX only requires a little more than 50% correct answers to be licensed. And idk about that new grad not being able to travel thing, my neighbor finished back in May and she's on the road.


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It's almost always just LPNs, I personally do not know any RNs on this level of blithering idiocy. The NCLEX exam only requires a little more than 50% correct answers for their exam. And I'm not shitting on nurses, I promise, but I did a "prep" test once to prove a point to someone and I passed it easily, I'm an engineer. I don't know if the standard for testing has always been so low but it is now and it's terrifying to be honest.


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There is a trend in less urban areas where girls who averaged Cs in high school and know they can't cut it in a real nursing program like Duquesne offers instead get "certified" for nursing through online courses and do their clinic hours under the supervision of burned out RNs in second rate hospitals.

These are the types of ladies who get sucked into MLMs and often use their "consultant" knowledge of essential oils as a form of healthcare as well. These are the people who post about 12 flower tea, colloidal silver water, and borax infusions on FB and they are typically antivax because of the Big Pharma Boogeyman while personally benefitting from the healthcare machine along with the occasional nurse developing a pesky opiate addiction.


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A good bit of them are also terribly under-qualified, fresh out of a two year certificate program granted by an online for-profit unaccredited "school" and sell Younique make up or doTERRA essential oils on the side.

Source: I currently live in Butler County, which churns these "nurses" out like cheap underwear from China.


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Oh no, that's tribal too. I thought that was's to discourage the patronage of those who don't identify with the same tribe.

It's not about political support anymore.

I just want to add, political campaigning contributes to strife and marketing, you want to create an emotion that people will remember when they need a service you provide. Politicians do this, creating emotions to get your vote to give them the position of power and make more money. For themselves.

Tribalism is heavily encouraged through fearmongering and mudslinging during campaigns. Your emotions are being used against you for votes, both side do this, and neither side gives a flying fuck about you. Politicians are not saviors coming to defeat your imaginary oppressors registered under your opposing side. They blow a lot of hot air, sling a lot of mud, then shrink into the shadows until the next campaign period. I've been a working, independent adult for 20 years now and I can't think of one thing other than some local hunting laws in my area that have changed enough to make an impact. If anything, things have become exponentially worse.

We need to quit aligning with tribal leaders and using them as our identities, we need to get the pitchforks out. And a gallows.