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If you have a big head, I'd be somewhat hesitant. Having torn down the Elegia and seeing no evidence that they've changed their construction method for the headband on other headphones, a big head will probably put some stress on weak points. On the bright side, they're easy to take apart and mod with a different headband. You'll likely get many years out of the headphones before they break and it's an easy, albeit unfortunate, fix if they do.

As for sound, I have no comments. I only have experience with the Elegia and that's limited (still working on the mod).


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Cost effectiveness and noise. I still live with my parents and my mom works third shift, so she's asleep during the day. My dad goes to sleep a few hours after she wakes up. My room shares a wall with theirs and has no sound isolation. In order for me to use speakers without waking someone up, I would be limited to that couple hour period. I'd spend a grand on something I can rarely use


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You might be able to email Hifiman Support and ask for them.

Other options include buying the whole assembly or getting the cheaper comfort headband that they sell. It apparently has the right dimensions. Apparently Audeze headbands also work and I'll be testing that soon when I receive mine


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I'm basing the shape and looks off an impression I read. He said it was essentially a red Zero. Same size, shape, and overall look.

Crin could essentially position it as a different flavor of the same thing for those that don't like Harman. Perhaps it could fill the gap that the now defunct KZ partnership left? There's currently not a ~$50 IEF neutral tuned IEM from Crin


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They can be excellent or atrocious. Just depends. I love the Pixel Buds and Sony XM3 controls. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are good but the touch surface isn't super clear. I imagine ones that aren't consistent and touch the edge of my ear would be horrible but I've not used a set like that yet


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Sweat and oils will eventually destroy your pads quicker, and there's no way to minimize other than covering them with something or not wearing your headphones. Padding is generally not expensive to replace though, so maybe buy a couple sets while they're still available if you're worried

As for the drivers and electronics, unless you're obscenely sweaty, you're probably fine


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Reply to Noob here by [deleted]

I've heard many people think that they have naturally great imaging for games. I'm sure you can find software that'll make it better but I'd recommend giving it an hour before using them. No need to make things overly complicated if you don't have to