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overly bureaucratic is an odd way to phrase " had actual kangaroo courts until the actual courts steppe din and shut them down ".

Too often the issue is the institution, not the job. Camden county replaced their entire police department and is faring much better.

Few people say seriously - no cops ever -

many people say 'the institution of the phila police department is un-recoverable'

Same with the PPA. It's not that having reasonable parking restrictions is bad, it's that the PPA itself is a criminal organization.


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just double replying

"An MDJ may not assign cash bail solely because a defendant faces serious charges.16 The rules further require that an MDJ conduct a careful individualized assessment of the arrested person and look at multiple factors, including the person’s community ties and history of employment.17 If an MDJ determines that cash bail is necessary to ensure appearance, they must then assess the financial ability of the defendant and should only assign a reasonable bail amount “no[] greater than is necessary to reasonably ensure the defendant’s appearance and compliance with conditions of the bail bond.”18 Under Pennsylvania law, MDJs may not impose cash bail for the sole purpose of incarcerating someone until their trial date.19 Pretrial detention must be the carefully limited exception to pretrial releas"

So clearly this is a case of "DEJURE" versus "DEFACTO" law/proceedings. Bail is absolutely used to prevent people from exiting jail before trial - the ALCU document pretty much proves that point with figures.

So either we should change the law / constitution or follow the law, and also maybe we need to ring up hollywood and have them stop making up random shit in procedural shows so we can all understnd how it works lol


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oh... our laws are weird as shit. then why is it 800K and not 5K? surely a underage minor doesnt have access to capital?

I always forget this:

but regardless, you get a bail hearing.


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As far as I know - Not in some cases, in all cases the preliminary hearing happens first, usually several hours after being charged and arrested. Literally the first thing that happens after they arrest you is put you in front of a judge and the DA and they set or deny your bail...


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yeah I don't know why this is controversial. Bail exists to ensure you show up to court, if you are not a risk. Risk is determined by judges and with input given by the DA and information provided by the police - later the defendants lawyer can petition to reduce it or review it or whatever.

it's a higher bail because someone is a flight risk, not because they're more dangerous. higher Potential sentencing outcomes = higher bail.


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I don't disagree. There's a reason 3rd world countries are the way they are and enlightened ones are, well enlightened.

3rd world countries are barbaric and cruel because the economic situations force them to be so. Once their economic conditions improve a lot of problems are solved.

if you have bands of armed 14 years olds running around, you're heading in the direction of 'chopping arms off is a good response'.