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Nah. "Walchensee" is a German word, so when you use it you are indeed communicating in German (even though you appear to not realize it). Adding "lake" is just translating part of the word. But if you're gonna translate part of it, then you need to take the translated part off of the German word. So sure, add "lake," then it would be "Walchen Lake" or "Lake Walchen" (much like how the wikipedia article for that body of water does it). Otherwise you say Lake Lake Walchen, which makes no sense. Either translate or don't... but ya gotta pick one, not go halfway.

As an illustrative analogy... if you were talking about Lake Geneva and decided to use the French name, would you say "Lake lac Léman" because English speakers might not know that "lac" means "lake"? I don't think you would.


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Haha it's hard to put words to what I'm thinking. So as the moon moves from west to east (talking proper motion against the background, not the motion you notice as the Earth rotates), it encounters the circular shadow of the earth. I was thinkin' it'd be interesting to rearrange the pictures to kind of portray the Earth's shadow in the sky, whereas this arrangement kind of shows up more as the shadow moving over the moon. Some other folks have been posting some interesting arrangement of eclipse pictures that got me to thinking is all.


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So it's interesting... seems like you may get a more "accurate" (for lack of a better word) view by reversing the images east/west. You have it representing the earth's rotation, with the moon setting in the west. But, the eclipse is happening as the moon moves west to east into the earth's shadow. So if you reversed the flow of the moon images, you'd get a more accurate portrayal of what was going on with the eclipse.

All that aside, that's a great pic. Awesome work.


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Did you seriously just copy and paste that and pawn it off as your own thinking?

Edit: wow, so much butt hurt from all y'all.

Edit 2: I don’t understand why you all think I care what you think. I don’t. Just downvote me and move on to something worthy of your time. Everything is fine. We’re all gonna be fine.