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100% this. Engineer here. Putting anything other than ceramic, glass, metal, or very high temp silicones in the dishwasher is just ridiculously bad for your stuff / you. Plastic leaches, sharp blades dull. You’re poisoning yourself with micro plastics mainly. Any of those nylons or cheap PET/PETE/PETT variants are all prone to be mislabeled and even if they don’t melt they can leach.

Yes blades are metal but they’re sharp and handles often aren’t metal. Ergonomics yo. It takes seconds.

Hand. Wash. Please.


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Something like these is going to be indestructible. Take the time to get really nice custom inserts made by a physical therapist too. They can follow you between shoes for years.

I exclusively wear Danner boots. They last thousands of miles in absurd weather conditions. Absolutely the best. They make stuff for people logging in forests and climbing mountains all day, but have plenty of fashionable models too made with the same tech and materials.


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Running carbon accounting for their various projects is something that absolutely is already on the radar for many companies. Life cycle assessments are one tool used for exactly this purpose.

The government can then pick and choose vendors for various projects based on who is most sustainable / environmentally responsible. And they already do some of this, but not nearly enough.