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It's not a good moniker to be applied to LLMs or other transformer-based architectures currently working with protein folding algorithms. The thing is going to need to drop out of cyber high school and knock up a cyber girlfriend and raise a cyber baby in a cyber trailer before I'll accept that they're proper AI.


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Experiencing reality is just mentally crippling, existentially damaging and overall brutal. It's one of the reasons why some people end up regressing back into some form of spiritualism after the they get into their mid-30s. There's a subsection of humanity that seems to require the belief of something larger than themselves, or some type of futuristic hope that they can grasp out for, or that there's some mysterious and unknowable magical-realist type aspects to the world we live in as a way to keep themselves going after that point. Those of us who didn't fall down the pit of magical realist thought, cope hope, or spirituality need to embrace the absurdity of existence as well as gallows humor - at least until there comes a time in which we may be able to escape our flesh prisons.


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I'm not sure what you mean exactly? There's plenty of freely accessible Chinese sites to grab Chinese research papers and scientific journals from. They're not in English for the most part so you'd have to translate them.