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Sorry, I didn't get very far because I am quite sleepy but here is what I wrote, so far.


The first thing she did after unlocking the door, to her own home, was open the fridge. As she expected, everything was foul or plain rotten. It did not matter to her though, because nothing could beat that feeling of normalcy; being able to open your fridge and knowing that every single item there belongs to you. Even though they are all, either been spoiled for long made whole colonies of living things for themselves. As exciting rotten foods were, she made her way to her bedroom and threw her body onto the mattress. Nothing compares to your own bed, she thought to herself. This was a far cry from the firm beds she was used to, this one could swallow her wholy. It was a level of comfort she had not experienced for years. She started to fondle the phone she had installed at her nightstand, ‘what a fantastic tool‘ she thought. At that moment, the phone rang for the first time, in a long time.

“Yes?” she asked.

Going by the voice, she assumed it was a boy that had called her.

“Can I talk to Mr. Mort Here Raire?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mort does not reside here.”

“Could you call him, please? I promise you that it is important.”

“I don’t know what joke you are playing at but I am the only resident of this house, there is no Mr. Mort here, nor is he in my neighborhood.”

“Why don’t you just eat shit? Murdering whore!” he said right before he hung up the phone.