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According to the article

>The “Ukraine Green Growth Initiative” was hoped to grow to US$100bn, seeding investment in energy and communications infrastructure to transform the nation into a “digital green economy” in the recovery from the Russian war > >Forrest’s investment of US$500m (AUD$741m) was the first announced component of the fund which was expected to grow to a minimum US$25bn and up to US$100bn. Forrest’s contribution would come from the Tattaran Group, the investment company operated by the mining magnate and wife, Nicola.


>In 2013, Andrew and Nicola Forrest, his wife, were the first Australian billionaires to pledge the majority of their wealth to charity in their lifetimes.[7] He had earlier stepped down as CEO of Fortescue Metals in 2011.[8] Much of the Forrest's philanthropy has been through either the Minderoo Foundation (focusing on education and Indigenous Australians) or the Walk Free Foundation (focusing on ending modern slavery), both of which he established. Forrest has been accused of avoiding paying company tax, having revealed in 2011 that Fortescue had never paid company tax > >After stepping down as chief executive officer of FMG, Forrest noted that he had been spending more than 50% of his time on Indigenous philanthropy.[8][73] Forrest became an ambassador for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.[74] Encouraged by the philanthropy of the Rockefeller Group, Warren Buffett, and Melinda and Bill Gates,[75] Andrew and Nicola Forrest established the Australian Children's Trust in 2001.[69

Other than the usual billionaire tax dodges which is sadly the norm, I can't seem to find what you're saying. Kindly assist with sources please

Edit: thanks to all who assisted with info on this dodgy arse character. Desperately trying to be optimistic after reading about his track record. His word should clearly be taken with a huge lump sum of salt.


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Dude. Why are you so triggered by this post?

The guy has been in Ukraine for a week with Zelensky trying to make this happen. Even Zelensky has spoken out about happy he is for this initiative and for Ukraine in this regard.

Edit: for those not reading past this comment. Let me assist by saying, some helpful redditors provided me with in depth info from legit sources on Twiggy and I stand well corrected. I only leave my initial comment as is because it's a teaching moment for people who might have had the same thought process as I did.


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>Volodymyr Zelenskiy says ‘communist-era rubbish Russian infrastructure’ will be replaced by latest technology and fund will accelerate country’s economy

>Australian mining billionaire Andrew Forrest will commit $740m to a global Ukraine investment fund for reconstruction, with the president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, claiming it could see the country become “the fastest growing economy in Europe, if not the world”. > >The “Ukraine Green Growth Initiative” was hoped to grow to US$100bn, seeding investment in energy and communications infrastructure to transform the nation into a “digital green economy” in the recovery from the Russian war > >“Andrew and I have agreed we will not replace communist-era rubbish Russian infrastructure, instead we will leapfrog to the latest technology,” Zelenskiy said in a statement on Thursday. “We will take advantage of the fact that what the Russians have destroyed can readily be replaced with the latest, most modern green and digital infrastructure.”

Good to see some good news for a change. Hope it gets done asap so that Ukrainians can enjoy the amenities we sometimes take for granted after the war


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Still got a long way to go but the fact that at least same-sex partners can now start to apply for public housing like married couples, give them access to medical data and allow them to be beneficiaries in auto and life insurance

Its the little 'wins' that bring on an avalanche of change.


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True. But it's important to note that, the ESA has proven to be an alarm bell. The listing tend to help global cooperation to establish strategies to curtail these issues.

The US's lead tends to outreach the rest of the world beyond its borders through its use of use of diplomatic soft power For better or worse mate.


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Its also important to note that

In many States customary international law – or the practice underlying its rules – can be invoked before national courts and tribunals. In Israel, for example, the Supreme Court delivered a judgment in 2008 concerning restrictions on the flow of fuel and electricity to Gaza. The court referred to customary IHL and the ICRC study which stated that "each party to a conflict is obliged to refrain from disrupting the passage of basic humanitarian relief to populations needing it in areas under its control."


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Granted. acording to the ICRC’s study on customary international humanitarian law (IHL)

Practice Relating to Rule 42. Works and Installations Containing Dangerous Forces

>Article 56 of the 1977 Additional Protocol I provides:

>1. Works and installations containing dangerous forces, namely dams, dykes and nuclear electrical generating stations, shall not be made the object of attack, even where these objects are military objectives, if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces and consequent severe losses among the civilian population. Other military objectives located at or in the vicinity of these works or installations shall not be made the object of attack if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces from the works or installations and consequent severe losses among the civilian population.


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You realise that would play perfectly into Putin's narrative? Most of his propaganda has been to paint "Ukraine atrocities against Russians" and that he's simply trying to 'defend Russia' e.g. the dirty bomb claim, Zelensky Nazi claims, Russian oppression from Ukraine etc..

This would allow him to basically now have full reign to get full medieval and even get back to his nuclear weapons "option" as a justification.

Also, it would help with conscription and galvanising his people to finally supoort his insane rhetoric at unprecedented levels. It would be a collosal6shit storm


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>Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said there was no justification for Russia launching missiles meant to inflict so much suffering on civilians. > >“Don’t justify these attacks by calling them a ‘response.’ Russia does this because it still has the missiles and the will to kill Ukrainians,” he tweeted.

Russia is really cementing that history will be unkind to them. The documentary films and series made will be filled with their atrocities against civilians and civilian infrast6for decades to come.


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>Passed with bipartisan support in 1973, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) is our nation's most effective law to protect species from extinction. Grizzly bears, humpback whales, and bald eagles are just some of the 46 species now listed as recovered under the ESA.,as%20recovered%20under%20the%20ESA.


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I believe that's it's good news to try and remedy a situation rather than accept and watch the world burn.

46 species including Grizzly bears, humpback whales and the Bald Eagle have been classified as no longer endangered due to the ESA protection status,as%20recovered%20under%20the%20ESA.

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