AstroEngineer314 t1_j11nx28 wrote

Disney should just let the franchise cool down for a bit, maybe 5-10 years without any main storyline movies. (But keep the fan base fed with self contained movies that are actually good like Rogue One and series like the Mandalorian, Andor, and Obi Wan Kenobi). Use some of that time to get a great director with an absolute passion for the franchise, get some great writers, and start work on the script for the whole series years in advance - don't announce anything, don't even start any pre-production besides maybe sketches and concept art (no story boards or casting!) until the script is actually really good and it's polished to an absolute mirror sheen. Verify that it's an actually good script and not just 100% pandering, explosions, lightsaber fighting, and cliché moments by bringing in people from the outside who know their stuff and most importantly aren't afraid to be honest and say if / where the writers need to go back to the drawing board, but obviously keep it all under wraps by getting them to sign an NDA (NDA's are fine for movie details, not fine for sexual assault and toxic workplace environments). A good cinematographer would be a good edition but not entirely necessary.

TLDR: Script, script, script, script. The sequel series would be just so much better if it actually had a good script.

Make a good new trilogy and it will ensure there will be a new generation of Star Wars fans and it won't slowly die off in popularity like other franchises.