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I wonder about the connection between how happy your upbringing was, and how comfortable you found the 'old world' that you grew up in, and excitement levels regarding technological and societal change. As someone that found little good in the world of my childhood and teens, it's all too easy for me to see it change. If one were to love the world of their earlier years, though, maybe it's a lot harder to see change as a positive.


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Yeah, that quote has always had "Person who doesn't know anything at all about technology" written all over it. Teehee I only care about sci-fi shit like the world being a space opera (btw sci-fi taught me nothing will change much until the 24th century!), shame to be alive during the 21st century since nothing will change during my entire lifetime haha :)


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My timelines are being adjusted and shortened each month. It's getting really hard to predict even the near future. Should've just released it back in '21 like he'd originally planned, since that was the last basically normal year before the warm-up that was 2022 and the speed-up that 2023 seems to be.


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Elon Musk is in favor of a six month pause, not killing all AI. You're thinking of Yudkowsky. Don't worry, it's doubtful that anything is going to come of this. Nobody is going to take away AI or even slow it down.


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Well, I don't want to be rude to someone that has been polite to me, it's just... this "We're currently in an AI winter" is about as credible as a Flat Earth argument. I don't really see the need to dig deeply into a viewpoint that's transparently ludicrous, any more than I would research Moon landing conspiracy theories or watch an hour long video about why Barack Obama was assassinated in 2011 and replaced by a robot that was created by the child of John Wayne Gacy and Abraham Lincoln.


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Sorry, but your friends' opinion is an incredibly stupid and utterly absurd one. Disagreeing about the future is one thing but saying we're presently in an AI winter is one of the most fucking stupid and delusional things I have ever read in my entire life.


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It's not about the specific ability so much as a much broader concept: that AI can be incredibly fast. Yes, maybe humans are good enough at this one specific thing that it doesn't matter much. It's still a good proof-of-concept that demonstrates AI can work very quickly, and that will apply to tasks and fields where there are no such caveats as what you applied to this situation.


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I don't know anything about architecture in particular, but I wouldn't bother trying to convince anyone outside futurist circles of major changes in the short-term. Their only response will probably be "lol yeah right, maybe in 2200 xD"


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It's not "absurd." Or at least, it isn't unless you misconstrue what's actually being said. Eliminating hallucinations and being perfect and omniscient aren't the same thing. It's not about being 100 percent perfect, but simply that the points for which It's docked won't be the results of hallucinations. Maybe it won't know an answer, and will say "I don't know." Maybe it will have an opinion on something subjective that's debatable, but that opinion doesn't include hallucination and is simply a shit take like human beings might have.


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That is nothing to celebrate. I genuinely, from the bottom of my heart, hate the kind of people that join in whenever futurism boards have sudden explosions in membership (see: futurology). I hate their argumentation style, I hate everything they stand for, I hate everything they believe in or don't believe in, I hate every last god damned thing about them and I love the fact that the world will change faster and more profoundly than those stupid motherfuckers believe.


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Reply to comment by earthsworld in 200k!!!!!! by Key_Asparagus_919

Most definitely. The self-proclaimed realists fucked up this sub months ago.

Techno-optimists: Make informed predictions about the future based upon the present, the recent past, and the trajectory of changes over time
Self-proclaimed realists/skeptics/cynics/whatever: Endlessly call the other side stupid while making no actual credible arguments, combined with acting like a victimized minority despite entailing at least half the sub

Boy I sure do wish I was a super smart smart techno-skeptic. They're the smartest people in the world and can never be wrong on anything.