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Of course I would give them empty houses and apartments if I could, but nobody is doing that. So do you make it illegal to sleep outside in the meantime because life should be another way for them but isn’t?

And again, that program sounds great but it isn’t currently happening at this moment in Connecticut, but this is.


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In the quantities that people eat it, yes. Compare it to the days of being a hunter and actually having to work for your food and needing to make it last. You can’t eat meat all day every day and have the activity level of the average American and come out okay.


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Do you not see the frayed wires sticking out from the top? Most of these housings on the ground were smashed, or had pieces missing from them.

Like literally every pole has frayed exposed wires sticking out the top and you’re like “lol they took them apart gently and placed all the pieces on the ground”